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evince ih-VIN(T)S, transitive verb: To show in a clear manner; to manifest; to make evident; to bring to light.

Get your own evince coordinate verification link.

It's simple. Just select the type of verification you want to use, and click Submit. On the next page, enter the coordinates (and radius if needed), and you'll be given the code to add to your cache page.

For most situations, you'll want to use Normal Verification. Most puzzles are solved to an exact set of coordinates. Normal Verification checks against those coordinates, and only returns a positive confirmation if it's an exact match. This method is the most secure, as it makes guessing at the right answer much more difficult. You should select this method whenever possible.

But there are a few cases, such as when projecting a waypoint, where it's possible, because of the nature of the calculations, that a right answer is not necessarily an exact answer. For that, we have the Horseshoes & Atom Bombs method, for those times when close is good enough. When using this method, you'll also need to enter a radius (in feet) from the coordinates. Coordinates within this area will be considered to be correct. Note that using this method makes it easier for people to attempt to guess the correct coordinates, so you should only use this when you really need to. However, regardless of which method you use, we still apply several anti-guessing techniques to lock-out cheaters. See the FAQ section for more info.

(for most situations)

(use only when the solution may not be exact)

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